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We took part in the Foshan hydrogen show (CHFE2019) this year again successfully. During the show, apart from communicating with our existing customers face to face, we also have received many new visitors from the South of China who paid interests in WEH hydrogen products and we will follow up them soon after the show.

At the meantime, in the Seminar of Hydrogen Energy, our Sales Engineer Michael Xue in charge of WEH hydrogen products for the domestic market were invited to make an introduction about TIS and the strategic partnership with WEH, the overall WEH hydrogen product range and the overview of worldwide market applications. And Mr. Sebastian GRAF as Key Account Manager for WEH GmbH Gas Technology who is responsible for all A-customers and sales partners worldwide for CNG and hydrogen business, and Mr. Leon Liang/GM for TIS,both of them were also invited afterwards to the stage to answer the technical questions regarding WEH hydrogen products which are running in the Chinese market and the answers were satisfied in general.

PPT presentation by Mr. Michael Xue

Technical discussions 


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