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Heavy Gas Cylinders

Teesing, along with Lisa Fuel Systems, is sponsoring a major part of the international Strongman Champions' League with extremely heavy gas cylinders.

We have filled two series of CNG cylinders weighing 80, 90, 100 and 120 kg. These will be lifted by the champions and placed on a higher plateau as quickly as possible. 

LISA International developed a dual fuel saving system for diesel engines. The LISA Dual Fuel Mark III system  is based on natural gas injection. This reduces diesel usage up to 60% and more and reduces emissions significantly. In close partnership with Teesing Industrial Systems, Beijing and the Chinese Automotive Engineering Research Institute (CAERI) of ChongQing the system was successfully introduced in the People’s Republic of China this year.

Large-scale market introduction in Asia is expected in the course of 2013.

Strongman champions league

The Strongman Champions' League is based on complete series of 15 competitions held all over the world. The very best champions, referees and their organisers in the world guarantee a great battle in the Strongman sport. The competition venues are the best each country can offer and it will include the country's own traditional elements. The Champions' Strongman League is not only a spectacular competition on site, but the Champions' League competitions will also be televised and broadcast all over the world. All competitions will be shown in their organizing countries, in total 89 countries worldwide. This means  a reach of more than 1 billion viewers and monthly/weekly episodes on various channels. In the Netherlands this event will be broadcast by RTL7, and it will be also broadcast for our overseas relations in the USA and China.

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