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KMWE has built a new modular cleanroom ( ISO 6 and 5) and  Teesing been asked to offer an solution  for the flexible use of the gases N2, XCDA, He and R14 in this clean environment . In addition, a suitable solution has been found to facilitate transport of ionized water.


Teesing already supplies the SS316 loop (Serto-system) outside the cleanroom for specialty gases . The cleanroom is built up from standard elements that can be easily  connected with each other. This  unique room  can be expanded or moved and remain air-tight when built up. There are boxes placed in the walls for connections for electrical installations , specialty gases and data. The boxes for clean gases in various places contain diaphragm valves to do various leak tests with helium.  For this application, the leakproof diaphragm valves are installed with a VCR connection to ensure minimal contamination.


Huub Jacobs, Manager Technical Services KMWE, sees Teesing as a partner who is flexible and solution focused  during development . With new unique concepts like this you have to rely on the expertise of your partners and only then you end up with the best possible result .

This format enables KMWE to operate ergonomic and clean as possible. Thanks to the advanced building management this room meets the latest requirements in the areas of health, safety , usability , energy and the environment.

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