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since November 2004

It all started in November 2004 in Sparta, New Jersey. One of Teesing’s valuable suppliers, Rectus, offered Teesing office space. The first US customer was SVG in Wilton, Connecticut, which was later on taken over by ASML, world largest supplier of photolithographic IC wafersteppers.

In 2005 Teesing USA moved to Lafayette, New Jersey, which enabled Teesing USA to open a warehouse so major parts could be delivered from stock and improved Teesing’s service significantly towards US customers.

In the years after 2006 Teesing USA was staffed with sales and service people in order to support US customers in the best possible way. A list of international suppliers such as Serto, Parker, Gemu, Rotarex, Nycoil and Alftaflo is now working and supporting Teesing USA.

Now Teesing USA is celebrating its 10 years presence in the USA and is more than ready to supply parts, give help on instrumentation type of requests, engineer specific customer solutions and is able to stock your parts when needed.

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