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Teesing will be present on the NWBA hydrogen congress!

Teesing will be exhibiting for the first time at the annual congress of the hydrogen NWBA On the 8th of December. Teesing will primarily focus on the hydrogen products of WEH. The focus of the NWBA conference will be on the associated opportunities of decarbonising the Dutch energy management.

Some Background

With the increasing targets for the production of renewable power set by policy makers, a transition to a new energy system able to cope with the intermittency of sun and wind power is needed.

The need for large scale energy storage will increase significantly in order to ensure the continuity of power supply in such a system. Hydrogen has the ability capacity to service this large scale energy storage need. In addition, in combination with fuel cells, repowering of hydrogen can be accomplished efficiently, with only water vapor as by-product.

With large amounts of clean hydrogen becoming available from surplus renewable power, not only the power sector can be decarbonised, but opportunities will arise for the transportation and chemical sector as well.  


On the day of the congress the following topics will be discussed: 

  • The Paris agreement (and the political environment)
  • The need of energy transition
  • Large scale energy storage options and their efficiencies
  • The versatility of Hydrogen and  Fuel Cells
  • Why do we have to make choices, we have to start now!
  • Hydrogen and fuel cell applications, the does and don’ts 
  • Economy and Ecology

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More information?

More information or questions about the hydrogen products or the congress? Contact Raimond Leijder:

 Raimond Leijder
Quality Engineer

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