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Test and fill connectors for the automotive

TEST CONNECTORs for the automotive industry

Test and fill connectors

The whole process of testing engines needs a well-organized and comprehensive collection of tools for all the different aspects of the engine. For anyone involved in facility design and management, physical testing and the maintenance, upgrading and trouble shooting of testing equipment we introduce you a tool that can save you a lot of time and issues.

To test and fill up the engine or carparts with oil, water, fuel or other media a lot of different connections are used like internal and external threads, straight tubes, beads, collars and barbs. We see a lot of companies still using manual hand tightning methods while connecting the hoses to the parts that need to be tested or filled up. Teesing can provide you a fast and simple solution according to your specific requirements based on (test)pressure, medium,temperature, dimensions, tolerances, cycles and procedure ( manually,semi/ fully automatic).


A fuel line fill and test connector for the new MX Euro 6 engines from DAF Trucks.

The time spend on this process was shortened  from 23 seconds with high leakage to 2 seconds with no leakage!


"Teesing helps DAF Trucks to simplify the testing of engines and accelerate the whole process by advising and developing the righ connectors." > Jarne Gabel, Process Engineer Daf trucks.

DAF Trucks has a production facility in Eindhoven, the Netherlands and in Westerlo in Belgium. Thanks to its high efficiency and the world class manufacturing and products, the company has established a strong competitive position on the European market. WEH connectors save us a considerable amount of time while testing our engines. Together with Teesing, the connectors are custom made for specific connections, pressure and surrounding. 

The WEH TW800 is a commonly used connector in the automotive industry:

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WEH Test and fill connectors

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More information about WEH test connectors? 
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