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Complex electronic systems

The exponential increase in the complexity of the electronics systems (smaller volume, but more output) results in a significant growth in the demand for efficient cooling technology. For example the constant demand for more speed (MHz) of a microprocessor, drives a major challenge to keep these all (sub)systems and machines on a stable temperature during manufacturing or operation. Temperature changes can have a major impact on the process and functionality of the whole system.

Also, the cooling circuits that are used for CT and MRI scanners, electron microscopes, radar systems, and other x-ray equipment are often subject to extreme conditions. The need for a reliable cooling solution and low maintenance cost is therefore high. The increasing demand for electronic equipment will ensure that the demand for cooling capacity will only increase and that is exactly where the expertise of Teesing comes in.

Drawing 2D liquid cooling engineering

For these high-tech applications not all solutions can be used. Certain materials can not be used in combination with other materials (think of contact corrosion or even breaking down of couplings) .The choice of the sealing material strongly depends on the medium and may lead to leakage if not properly used.

During the selection of a quick coupler, for example, the possible occurrence of a vacuum must be taken into account, which allows only certain ranges can be used because the construction of the seal. Also the coolants such as water, deionized water, glycol or other liquids have a major impact on making the right decision.

Quick couplings for cooling

The series 38 / 39KB / SB brass quick couplers from Rectus are applied regularly, but beware; brass with demineralised water causes problems in terms of pollution and contamination. When you are in doubt about the suitability of our products, please contact our Sales Engineers.

Besides quick disconnect couplers we deliver solutions for (stainless steel braided) PTFE and FEP tubing, stainless steel and PVDF fittings, stainless steel ball valves and needle valves, filters, flow regulators, manifolds and special anodized aluminum fittings.

If you need something that is not available in our standard program, we can develop with our engineering department, our global partners and you the right solution for your application.

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