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Unfortunately, due to stricter regulations regarding Covid-19, the webinar cannot take place and will be moved to a date in the beginning of 2022.
We will inform you when a new date is scheduled.

Join the webinar:

Micro Turbine Technology in low flow applications

In the sequence of our webinars about flow measurement techniques, we have added turbine technology. This type of flowmeter has a turbine, a rotor, placed axially that rotates faster as the medium flows through the instrument faster.

Turbine flowmeters is growing in popularity due to some unique selling points we will highlight in this webinar. In general, for flow there is no more accurate measuring technique than turbine flowmeters.




Bob Asselman
Sales Engineer Flow Metering  - Teesing
E-mail: [email protected]teesing.com

Samuel Morgenthaler
Key Account Manager
E-mail: samuel[email protected]

Date:        Tuesday 30 November 2021 POSTPONED

Time:        15:30 - 16:00

Duration:  30 minutes

Micro turbine principle


The webinar will focus on the following topics:

  • Introduction Turbine wheel technic
  • Measuring principle
  • Pulse signals & resolution
  • Digmesa Nano turbine family and USP’s
  • The best fit for your applications

At the end of the webinar you should have a clear understanding of the turbine technology, the flowmeter and the applications.