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Teesing portfolio overview


Every project is unique. read our portfolio and find out how teesing proceeds

Read about various application solutions, client views about Teesing and Engineering Trajectories proceed by our Teesing Systems & Engineering team.
In addition to the specified application solutions and engineering trajectories, Teesing can provide (customer specific) solutions in many applications and markets. Please contact our Sales Engineers for more information about customer specific solutions or application advice.

Application stories portfolio


Since 1952 Teesing is a total care provider of products and services. Thanks to its specialized knowledge and experience in various markets, our sales engineers advise in choosing the right products or custom solution for your application.

The Teesing Sales Engineers make efficient use of products and combine them to find solutions that meet the customer requirements.

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Customer stories portfolio


Customers view about working with Teesing!

Besides supplying products Teesing is willing to adapt to the customer requirements. We think along with our customers and are interested in their specific application.  Our Sales Engineers can advise on the right products and solutions to save space, time and reduce total cost of ownership.

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Engineering portfolio


Engineering portfolio

Teesing has its own engineering department which can develop
parts and assemblies in consultation with its customers. Some
customers require parts that are not available in the standard
product range. In such cases, Teesing designs, develops and
manufactures customised parts in small or large quantities on

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