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More information about flow restrictors or looking for a special flow restrictor? Please contact our Sales Engineers.

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porous metal Flow restrictors

Porous metal flow restrictors are reliable and economical substitutes for orifices, needle valves and mass flow controllers. The flow restrictors can be deployed with minimal change to the existing design.

Porous metal flow restrictors

Teesing delivers precision porous metal flow restrictors that provide a reliable and economical replacement for small control valves. A porous metal flow restrictor is a passageway with many small holes, which creates a large number of random streams. The flow restrictors are available in stainless steel, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, Alloy 20, nickel, gold, silver and titanium for an optimal protection against corrosion.

Perfect flow rate

Mott flow restrictors are available in a wide range of porosity to ensure the perfect flow rate for the desired applications. A porous metal flow restrictor has a porous surface, which is 500 times as large as that of similar passages without the porous material. The advantage is that a laminar flow will be created with a minimal disturbance in speed, pressure and temperature as compared to an orifice.

Standard Orifice: 
Speed, pressure and temperature are increasing as the gas moves through the opening, which results in wear and tear.
Orifice slow restrictie
Flow Restrictor: 
Gas passes uniformly through the porous metal element with minimal friction.

foolproof Flow restriciton

Less friction, thus a longer service life. The flow restrictors allow the gas to go through hundreds of orifices instead of one orifice, which considerably reduces the probability of a blockage. Moreover, because the flow is low, the risk of internal wear and tear is minimalized, and so assures a reliable solution.

Teesing is the official distributor of all Mott products in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

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