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GASKET FILTERS for the filtration of gases

Mott has just added a complete line of 316L stainless steel gasket filters to their High Purity GasShield® product line. These models manufactured using 316L stainless steel porous metal media are perfectly suited for filtration of gases such as carbon monoxide, ozone, and arsine. They retain the same footprint specifications as Mott’s nickel media gasket filters. Even for flows as low as 1 slpm and up to 20 slpm, Mott’s unique gasket filters provide precise filtration in both inert and specialty gases.

particle problems in installed systems

In a number of cases, particle problems emerge after a gas delivery system has already been designed and installed. Achieving 9 LRV particle filtration in extremely low flow environments is an ongoing challenge, but fixing the problem after the system has already been set up can be an even bigger challenge. Mott Corporation offers a filtration product that can be installed with virtually no design change to the gas delivery system.

Fit, Form and function

The GasShield gasket filter fits inside ¼” face seal fittings and the porous elements can be 1” or 3” in length. This all-metal filter is available in Mott’s patented NanoMetal® Nickel Media as well as 316L stainless steel media and provides true 0.003µm filtration (greater than 99.9999999% (9 log) particle removal measured at the most penetrating particle size of 0.08µm). The gasket filter comes complete with integral face seal gasket. Mott gasket filters are recommended for applications with temperatures up to 450°C (for inert gas) and a maximum differential pressure of 1000 psid (at 20°C).


  • Minimized total area
  • Entirely metal and fully welded design
  • Doesn't slip any loose particles
  • Allows integration of gas filters without adding length to the gas system.


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