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Point-of-use filters




Do you need more information about point-of-use filters or are you looking for a special point-of-use filter? Please contact our Sales Engineers.

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For maximum filtration efficiency, strength and reliability, the GasShield POU filter line is the industry's first and still largest collection of all-metal filters. Which means Mott offers the greatest assurance of having the precise filter you require – whether it's Hastelloy® C-22 to withstand corrosive gases, or our latest high-flow innovations…nickel-based Sentry and all-stainless Defender POU filters.

filter Types, materials and specifications

GasShield point-of-use filters are available in more than 20 standard models, made of 316L stainless steel, nickel or Hastelloy C-22, and is suitable for flows up to 600 slpm and inlet pressures up to 5000 psig.

The Sentry filters ensure the high flow of Teflon® and the strength and longevity of Mott porous metal.

GasShield PENTA® filters point-of-use filters provide a high flow and a low delta-P of Teflon, but with a 100% nickel filter element. This design has a reduced filter element surface area, resulting in lower levels of moisture and hydrocarbons.

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Teesing is the official distributor of all Mott products in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Point of use filters


Point of use filters


High purity gas filter - Penta - datasheets


High purity gas filter - Point of use - datasheets


High purity gas filter - Defender - datasheets



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