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Porous metal frits




Do you need more information about our porous metal frits?
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Teesing Sales Engineers

NL: Tel.   +31 70 413 07 50
CN: Tel.   +86-(0)10-60576210
USA: Tel.   +(1) 973 383 0691
TW: Tel.   +886-(0)3-5600560
Mail  sales@teesing.com

porous metal column frits

To retain the packing media and create uniform flow, Teesing delivers porous metal chromatography frits. This results in an equal distribution into the HPLC column. The frits can withstand high pressures and are resistant to chemicals.


Our porous metal frits come in many sizes to fit in any HPLC/UHPLC system. The frits can also be specially designed to fit in a custom application. Please see our datasheets or contact us for the possibilities.

HPLC column

Porous metal frits

Applications porous metal frits


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