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SPARGERS for the distribution of gases in liquids

Spargers ensure the distribution of gases in liquids by thousands of tiny pores. The spargers create smaller and more bubbles than drilled tubes and other sparging methods. As a result, there is more gas/liquid contact surface area, thereby reducing the time and the amount that is needed to divide the gas in the liquid. The sparger has thousands of pores on the surface, causing large amounts of gas to pass a particular place in the liquid.

Maximum surface area for mass transfer

The sintered metal spargers provide a rugged construction, are temperature and corrosion resistant and have a larger gas-liquid contact area. These spargers provide a consistent and evenly dispersed gas. High efficiency sparging is achieved by fine bubble propagation. The fine bubble propagation will provide maximum surface area for effective “mass transfer”.

The right sparger for your application

To determine the right size of the sparger for in-tank or vessel sparging you need to know the:

  • gas flow
  • liquid pressure and temperature
  • actual air compressor capacity
  • gas exit velocity

The best configuration can be determined based on the process requirements. From a single element side-mounted type to cross tank flanged side-mounted types. The elements can also be reinforced.

The spargers are available with various end fittings like type a hex nipple sparger element and type g elements for welding.We recommend the use of media grade 2 for general gas sparging.

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