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Speciale filters overzicht

Special filters




More information about customer specific filters? Please contact our Sales Engineers.

Teesing Sales Engineers

NL: Tel.   +31 70 413 07 50
CN: Tel.   +86-(0)10-60576210
USA: Tel.   +(1) 973 383 0691
TW: Tel.   +886-(0)3-5600560
Mail  sales@teesing.com

customer specific FILTERS

Whether you transport gas or liquid, we offer proven reliable solutions for filtering particles, reducing flow and distibuting gasses in liquids. At request, we can develop OEM's special filters.


In order to offer you te best solution possible, it is necessary to gain insight into the following parameters:

  • Amount of particles allowed to pass
  • Pressure drop
  • Flow
  • Process temperature
  • Pressure in the system media (type, density, speed, corrosiveness)
You can think of:

Air filmrolls
Used for transporting film, magnetic tapes, metal foil and polyethylene films.

Inline filters
Used for the protection of HPLC pumps and inline filtration of chromatography.

Flow restrictors
Used for the control of liquid medicine, gas mixing, flow control in gas chromatography and the creating of laminar flow.

Flame arrestor
Used to encounter the recoil to the supplying of gases to, for example, welding equipment, gas cabinets and pressure regulators for flamable gases.

Used to silence the sound of pneumatic devices.

Please contact us for the possibilities!

Klantspecifieke filters verpakt

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