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Do you need more information about clamp fittings or are you looking for a special clamp fitting? Please contact our Sales Engineers.

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Thanks to the elasticity of Serto's clamping ring system, it is highly resistant to vibrations, pressure shocks and temperature changes and excellent for repeated mounting and remounting. Serto compression connections provide a metal-to-metal seal. The compact design saves space and reduces maintenance costs.


Serto's radial modular system is unique. The hose or tube connections can be (dis)assembled radially without the tube or hose being modified or bent. When the nut is being rotated, the clamp gets deformed and closely clamped to the tube or the hose without causing any damage. Even flexible hoses can be assembled to a metal fitting leak-free using stiffener sleeves.


Do you have limited installation space? 
Do you have to perform maintenance periodically to your system? 
Do you want a reliable system with low total operating costs? 

Serto's unique radial assembly and disassembly fittings system offers you the solution!
We have been supplying this proven solution for more than 50 years.
Please ask our Sales Engineers for advice or read one of our customer references.


Watch a short animated video about the radial mounting system Serto fittings.


Mounting manuals and video's

Download the installation manuals or watch the video!
Save a lot of time during pre-assembly of Serto couplings with the SertoTool or SertoMatic! Click here for more information.


Serto plastic assembly instructions


Serto metal assembly instructions


Serto plastic re-assembly instructions


Serto metal re-assembly instructions

Serto System

Serto radial principle

The SERTO radial system is unique. Thanks to this design, tube connections can be easily installed and disassembled. This saves time and money, because all of the components can be re-used, as nothing will be bent or damaged. In addition, the screw fittings can also be easily installed in very confined spaces.Serto klemfittingen systeem

Modular system

Serto components can be combined in any possible combination.
Serto modulair systeem

Connection option 1
Connecting part replaces the compression ferrule; instead of the standard compression ferrule use

Connection option 2
Connecting part replaces compression ferrule and union nut; instead of nut and compression ferrule use

  • Male adaptor, to change to other thread types and sizes
  • Female adaptor, to change to other thread types and sizes, as well as from external to internal thread

Connection option 3

Connecting part is mounted on the SERTO standard connection and acts as a tube; in addition to the SERTO standard connection use