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Coriolis flowmeters

Coriolis mass flowmeters



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This type of flow meter is based on the Coriolis effect (named after the researcher, Gaspard-Gustave Coriolis) 

Coriolis flow measurement technique

Most Coriolis mass flowmeters have two parallel tubes that are attached to flanges and are vibrated by means of a bobbin located in the middle. The largest amplitude is located in the middle of the tubes. Tubes vibrate when no medium runs through, but no Coriolis force occurs. However, when mass flows through the measuring tubes, a reaction force does occur. The reaction force is directed at the inflow side opposite to the other side, which causes swabbing (out of phase) of the tubes. This phase shift is proportional to the mass flow. Each meter has a built-in temperature sensor that measures the temperature of the product.


  • Liquids

Oval Coriolis flowmeters

Coriolis flowmeters omega vorm

The tubes shown here are in an Omega shape. There are many shapes in which every shape has an advantage and disadvantage. Depending on your application, our specialists can give advice in the correct Coriolis mass flowmeter!


Coriolis mass flowmeter documentation


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