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Vortex flowmeters

Vortex flowmeters


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In a Vortex meter behind a bluff-body (obstruction in a tube that ensures vortexing) a sensor that detects vortexes is present. The larger the vortexes, the better the read signal. The meter works best when the Reynolds number is higher than 10,000. Nowadays there are modern vortex meters that can compensate for deviations, allowing them to function from Re = 5,000. The flow rate can be determined by means of the frequency of vortexing.

Nowadays there are multi-parameter vortex meters. In addition to the flow rate, these can also measure the pressure and temperature. If it is known which medium flows through the meter, the mass flow can be displayed and in steam applications the energetic flow can be determined directly.


  • Low viscous liquids
  • Gases

Vortex flowmeter

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