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More information about heat tracing or looking for a special heat tracing solution? Please contact our Sales Engineers.

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HEAT TRACING for heating  or freezing protection

Teesing provides the complete range of heat tracing products. Teesing delivers heat tracing solution for heating, freezing protection or temperature maintenance of media in tubing, instrumentation and other processes.

electric heat tracing or steam tracing?

Together we choose the material, design and installation, depending on your specific desires. A design is entirely dependent on the existing energy sources and application. It is also essential to determine if you want to protect against frost or just want to maintain a higher process temperature. Teesing provides guidance during this phase of designing and installing, making sure the performance of your heat tracing projects runs as smoothly and quickly as possible.

cost-effective solution

As a solution we offer you a read-made insulated and possible traced tube. By doing this, you put three processes together in one solution: the assembly of the tube, installation tracing and the assembly of the insulation with (waterproof) outer jacket.

This means for you:

  • Reduced labor for better results
  • Less work tranfers
  • Fewer installers

In addition, we provide instrumentation which checks and monitors the heat tracing. Please ask for the possibilities!

Heat tracing product overzicht