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More information about steam tracing or looking for a special heat tracing solution? Please contact our Sales Engineers.

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steam tracing for heat transfer

Teesing delivers a wide range of steam tracing. The isolated steam tracers have been developed to provide a wide range of heat transfer for low to medium temperature control, including improved safety.

isolated steam tracing

In low pressure insulated and bundled steam tracing can be used to heat materials such as caustic soda, resins, acids, and water pipes.  This is because excessive heat can lead to corrosion. Insulated and bundled tracers may also be used for temperature control in higher steam pressure. The steam tracing can ensure the speed of media in a system at the point before the pressure reducing valves.

steam tracing with compound for extreme temperatures

For higher temperatures steam can also be used as the medium in a modern "conduction" tracing system, in which heat transfer takes place using a compound. The compound, which is installed in the tracer. is then fixed with a steel "Strap-On" jacket and provides a permanent and a maximum contact at the surface of the pipline. For comparison: a "compound" tacer can deliver as much heat as 3 to 6 bare tracers.

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Stoomtracing tubingStoomtracing tubing