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More information about pipe connectors and flanges or looking for a special pipe connector? Please contact our Sales Engineers.

Teesing Sales Engineers

NL: Tel.   +31 70 413 07 50
CN: Tel.   +86-(0)10-60576210
USA: Tel.   +(1) 973 383 0691
TW: Tel.   +886-(0)3-5600560
Mail  sales@teesing.com

Pipe connectors and compact flanges for upstream and downstream applications

Teesing supplies along with Destec complete pipe connectors, tube clamps, bolts and flanges. These are specially designed for high pressure applications in the oil and gas industry and (petro) chemical industry.Destec known for its Desflex compact flanges, G-clamp connectors range, the GSB subsea single bolt clamp connectors and the D-seal gaskets.

Lightweight and compact connectors

The lightweight design of the Destec G-clamp connector range (up to 75% weight savings compared to an ANSI flange) in combination with only four bolts per connector, provides a simple and cost-effective assembly. This is the recognized standard for clamp connectors in the Oil & Gas industry

The first original Compact Flange is designed to meet the requirements of ASME 8 Div 1 & 2, to meet Type Approved & Fire.A weight saving of up to 88% was achieved in comparison with the equivalent ANSI flange. Quick and easy installation with superior mechanical strength and performance make  Desflex Compact Flange ideal for offshore projects and subsea applications where minimum weight and maintenance is essential

Check out the onsite machining possibilities!

Pijp connectoren en flenzen productenPijp connectoren en flenzen voor plants



Besides delivering the right components with the required certification, we also provide in site services such as ultrasonic testing, leak sealing and on site machining together with Destec engineering.



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