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More information about bulk gas purifiers or looking for a special bulk gas purifier? Please contact our Sales Engineers.

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We know that bulk gas purification means large flow rates and long life spans and OPEX is at least as important as CAPEX. For some 20 years Teesing delivers a complete range of gas purifiers to large industrials with capacities up to several thousand Nm3/h, at operation pressures up to 350 barg. The output purity can be 9Ns or better at an input purity of 5Ns.

We offer versions built for unprotected or protected area installation according to international standards such as ATEX, ASME, PED. The products' materials have full traceability and come accompanied with the applicable certificates.


Our typical bulk gas purification customers are gas delivery companies and semiconductor industries. Installations deal typically with large flows of O2, N2, Ar, H2 or CDA. Impurities removed are typical H2O, CO2, CH4, NMHC.
In the semiconductor industry bulk purifying is mostly used as production facility purifying of incomming gases.


If your application requires an uninterrupted flow we may provide a dual vessel, fully automated bed-switching and regeneration purifier, controlled by PLC.

The purifier uses adsorption vessels that alternately purify and regenerate, which ensure a continuous purification process. The adsorption vessels are regenerated using back flushing with purified process gas at an increased temperature.

Example of adsorber purifier configuration. Click to enlarge

Complemented by cylinder filling systems

For gas filling stations we also deliver gas filling nozzles and gas cylinder filling racks, tubing and piping. Most of the filling nozzles at consumer vehicle H2 filling stations are provided by Teesing. 

Advantage and differences Teesing

  • Independent development and design, direct technical support.
  • Longest adsorbant life in the market.
  • Ambient temperature adsorption.
  • No need to cold boot, no warm-up.
  • No exothermic reaction.

Bulk purifier PERFORMANCE

  • Flow rates: >20.000 Nm3/hr
  • Operating pressure: > 350 barg
  • Output purity: upto 9Ns
  • In/Output filtering: upto 1,5nm


  • High production rate weld gas
  • H2 purification
  • Air drying and purification
  • Semiconductor (U)HP process gas and (X)CDA
  • Annealing cover gas