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Do you need more information about low-pressure quick couplings or are you looking for a special quick coupling? Please contact our Sales Engineers.

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Rectus quick (dis)connect couplings for low pressures

Rectus quick couplers are used in many industries, mainly for connecting hoses and modules quickly and leakfree. They are often used for fluid and gas connections. Depending on the design, the connecting elements for low pressure are suitable for a pressure of up to 35 bar.

For every application a suitable material

The quick couplings are available in the most common materials such as brass, steel, stainless steel, PVDF, and are also increasingly used in plate or block applications.

High-flow quick couplings

Flow rate (flow) in the system is one of the most important criteria to determine the choice of the quick coupler and yet often people do not think about it. When design considerations are made about a change in connection and also the number of internal valves, system designers/engineers should always strive to minimize pressure loss. This increases the efficiency of the system.

Please contact our Sales Engineers for assistance!

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Rectus roest vrij staal snelkoppelingen

Rectus – stainless steel quick couplings

The stainless steel couplers of Rectus are available in single shut-off, double shut-off and dry-break versions.

Stainless steel properties are: highly corrosion resistant, good strength, only slightly magnetic.

The nominal diameter ranges from 3 to 20.

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snelkoppelingen messing staal

Rectus -brass and steel quick couplings

The brass/steel quick couplings of Rectus are available in single shut-off, double shut-off and dry break.
Brass properties are: corrosion resistant for compressed air and water applications, medium strength, anti-magnetic, high resistance to organic liquids, good surface quality, exemplary recyclability.

The nominal diameter ranges from 1,5 to 11.

Click here to go to the online brass and steel quick coupling catalogue

Rectus mold snelkoppelingen

Rectus - Mold quick couplings

Rectus Moldtite coupling series were especially developed for connecting coolant lines and injection moulds.Countersunk plugs can easily be connected and disconnected because of the extended sleeve. The angular connections prevent kinks from forming in the hose.

They stand  out for their convenient, single-handed operation and a reliable O-ring seal.These couplers are widely used in Europe.

Click here to go to the online Mold quick coupling catalogue

PVDF snelkoppelingen rectus

Rectus - PVDF quick couplings

The thermoplastic products of Rectus are available in single and double shut-off.
PVDF thermoplastic properties are: Medium strength with good general resistance. Especially good temperature and UV resistance, easy to sterilise.

The nominal diameter ranges from 3 to 20mm.

Click here to go to the online PVDF quick coupling catalogue

Dry break snelkoppelingen rectus

Rectus – Dry-break quick couplings

The Dry-break coupling systems stand out for their extremely low leakage rates and a minimum volume of dead space.No air locks whatsoever during connecting and negligible film of channelled
medium on the valve bodies when disconnecting.
The dry break quick couplers are extremely suitable for applications in sensitive environments, such as in analysis technology, cooling circuits, transport systems and many applications with aggressive medium

Click here to go to the online dry-break quick coupling catalogue

Dry break voor blok en plaat assemblage snelkoppelingen

Rectus - Dry Break for block and plate assembly

The leak-free couplings and valved plug in stainless steel  AISI 316 L can be used in both block and plate installation, providing maximum construction flexibility at the same time as reducing the diversity of components.

The quick couplings can be assembled directly in a block or plate with locking rings. In case of block assembly, a sopecial sealing system seals the couplers direclly in the block.
The nominal sizes ranges from 3 to 19 mm.

Click here to go to the online dry-break quick coupling catalogue

Medisch snelkoppelingen rectus

Rectus - medical thermoplastic quick couplings

Depending on the the applications area, Rectus coupling systems are available with free flow, single or double shut-off and in dry break design.
The POM, PVDF and PSU medical grade resins and the metals used to build the coupling are cytotoxically harmless and guarantee low wear, the greatest breaking strength, and excellent antifriction properties.

The quick couplings are suitable for USP class VI.

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Veiligheid rectus snelkoppelingen

Rectus - safety and selfventing quick couplings

The safety quick couplings of Rectus are available in single shut-off, double shut-off, self venting and breathing air couplings. The safety locking system prevents unauthorized disconnection.
Self-venting takes place during disconnection – no risk of pressurised hoses being tossed around. When the sleeve is pulled back, the plug is released yet remains locked in. The coupling valve closes and the air is vented from the air line at the same time.

The nominal diameter ranges from 5,5 to 10,5.

Click here to go to the online safety and selfventing quick coupling catalogue