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Do you need more information about medium-/high-pressure quick couplings or are you looking for a special quick coupling? Please contact our Sales Engineers.

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dixon Medium-/high-pressure quick couplings

The range of high-pressure quick couplings from Dixon offers a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic quick couplings like the Air King, EZ Boss Lock Cam & Groove and VEP series. These products primarily serve the market for coupling sizes up to 2 inches and it has many applications such as industrial, military, mobile, medical and aerospace.

Quick couplings and pressure

Pressure is the key factor in the development of a quick coupler. Pressure influences virtually all components in a quick coupling. The incorrect application of a low-pressure quick coupling within an application using the higher pressure can lead to a failing system. Please contact our Sales Engineers for the right connection.

quick couplers and environment

In the context of a quick (dis)connect coupling, the environment does not only refer to contamination issues, but also the conditions in which the coupling is used. Ambient temperature, humidity, and other external factors play a role in the right choice.

Snelkoppelingen hoge druk producten


Snelkoppelingen hoge druk dixon

dixon High pressure quick couplings

The high pressure systems range of Dixon offers a broad range of hydraulic and pneumatic quick disconnect couplings. Generally serving the market for coupling sizes of 2” or below, these products are used in a variety of applications including industrial, military, mobile, aerospace and medical markets.

snelkoppelingen Dixon cam and groove

Dixon - EZ boss - lock Cam & Groove quick coupling

The EZ Boss-Lock (Cam&Groove safety coupling) cam arm assemblies are made of investment cast stainless steel with plated carbon steel pull rings. Coupling design protects critical parts from damage in the event of impact or rugged use.

Hoge druk snelkoppelingen Dixon Air King

Dixon - Air King quick coupling

‘Dixon "Air King" couplings are recommended for use on air lines for virtually any type of pneumatic equipment. The maximum recommended working pressure for Dixon "Air King" universal couplings is 150 PSI or less at ambient temperature (70° F).

Middeldruk hoge druk snelkoppelingen TEMA

tema - middle /high pressure quick couplings

Tema quick connect couplings are among the best hydraulic connection elements in the world. What makes them especially brilliant is the negligible drop in pressure and maximum power transition.

Snelkoppelingen middel hoge druk VEP series

Dixon - VEP series flat face quick coupling

The new Hydraulics VEP series screw together quick realease couplings is now available. Featuring a patented valve mechanism which optimises flow and pressure performance. This flat face coupler is fully interchangable with the Stucchi VEP, Holmbury HFT and Parker FET Series.


high pressure quick coupling series