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Do you need more information about control valves or are you looking for a special control valve? Please contact our Sales Engineers.

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Parker PFA valves

Partek (a Parker brand) produces PFA valves that have outstanding chemical and solvent resistant characteristics over a temperature range even greater than PTFE. It is chemically resistant to all chemicals and solvents with the exception of some molten alkali metals, molten sodium hydroxide, elemental fluorine and certain fluorinating agents. Especially well suited for UHP applications.

Serto high-pressure control valves 

Serto offers a wide range of valves and high-pressure ball valves made mainly of stainless steel, brass and steel. Serto valves distinguish themselves by their pressure density, excellent KV-values, very low turbulence and perfect flow characteristics.

PVDF control valves

There is a wide range of user applications for this control valve: medical applications and use in cleanrooms and laboratories -  particularly in conditions with minimal air entrapment. The construction of the control valve provides a minimum of pressure loss.

needle valves

Besides Serto's standard valves we now offer the needle valve for the fine control of your medium. Made of high-quality stainless steel and manufactured compactly for fast assembly.

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Serto Messing Regelkleppen

serto - Brass

These regulating valves are for air, water and oils. Valves (panel mount execution) and tube unions are of brass, handwheel and plate of plastic, grey.

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serto - pvdf 

There is a wide range of applications for this regulating valve: medical, clean room and in laboratories - particularly under conditions of minimal air inclusion. The construction of the regulating valve permits a minimal loss of pressure.

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serto fine regulating valves ss

Besides our standard Serto Valves we can also offer the Serto fine regulating valves in stainless steel. The compact design is ideal for installation even in the tightest spots and it has been constructed for maximum flow.