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Pressure regulators




More information about pressure regulators or looking for a special regulator? Please contact our Sales Engineers.

Teesing Sales Engineers

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Pressure regulators for liquid and gas applications

The UHP pressure regulators of Selfa be used for liquid and gas applications. Pressure regulators act as relief valves , but the emphasis is more on a stable pressure control rather than on / off pressure protection or pressure reduction.

Applications for pressure regulators

The pressure regulators are suitable to regulate pressures in the following applications:

  • Control of the pressure in the recirculation conduits
  • Relieving excessive pressure in the system
  • Vacuum Control
  • Calibration of gas mixing in the petrochemical industry
  • Checking the pressure of gas cylinders

The pressure regulators are available for different input and output pressures and gases. Pressure regulators are available in various classes of cleanliness, with various end-connections, O- rings, port configurations , materials and accessories ... please contact our sales engineers for more information.