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Breakaway couplings

Breakaway couplings




More information about breakaway couplings or looking for a special breakaway coupling? Please contact our Sales Engineers.

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BREAKAWAY couplings preventing accidents

Breakaway couplings are used to prevent accidents. They prevent an undesirable product decoulping during the filling of alternative fuels 

operation of a breakaway coupling

The breakaway couplings have an internal system that will break at a certain load and automatically closes the internal valves on both sides. This reduces the downtime and saves money, equipment and the environment.

applications IN CNG and H2 filling stations

The breakaway couplings in gas stations are installed between the hoses and the stations themselves. When the user unexpectedly drives off, without disconnecting the fillnozzle, the breakaway coupling ensures that the damage done to the gas station is limited.

Break away koppelingen