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Test adapters




Do you need more information about test adapters or are you looking for a special test adapter? Please contact our Sales Engineers.

Teesing Sales Engineers

NL: Tel.   +31 70 413 07 50
CN: Tel.   +86-(0)10-60576210
USA: Tel.   +(1) 973 383 0691
TW: Tel.   +886-(0)3-5600560
Mail  sales@teesing.com

TEST ADAPTERS with locking mechanism

Test adapters are equipped with a locking mechanism that allows a maximum grip with minimal deformation of the sample. The operation is simple. The connector is placed on the connection without any additional conformation, which instantly creates a pressure-tight connection.


Quick couplings for pressure and vacuum tests of straight tubes (external diameter), such as water, pressure decay, helium tests, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, valves, sensors, compressors,  condensors, evaporation, component and tubing, air conditioners, heating etc.

extensive range

Because of the variety of connections, there is a very extensive range of standard test connectors. Do you need advice on or assistance in selecting the right connector? Please contact our Sales Engineers!

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