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Check valves product overzicht

Check Valves




Do you want more information about check valves or are you looking for a special check valve? Please contact our Sales Engineers.

Teesing Sales Engineers

NL: Tel.   +31 70 413 07 50
CN: Tel.   +86-(0)10-60576210
USA: Tel.   +(1) 973 383 0691
TW: Tel.   +886-(0)3-5600560
Mail  sales@teesing.com

check valves for applications with liquid and gaseous media

Teesing provides advanced check valves for applications with liquid and gaseous media. The seals are shielded from the flow of the medium. This ensures that the harmful effects of dirt particles on the sealing components in the unit are kept to a minimum.


A check valve is used for the flow of the medium in one direction. In most check valves the valve is opened by the flow of the medium pushing on it. The valve is closed by a spring, gravity or a backflowing medium.

high-quality check valves

Serto and WEH check valves are made of high-quality materials, making them very durable products. They can be used for many different applications in mechanical engineering, the construction industry, the chemical/pharmaceutical and food industries, materials proccesing industry and in medical technology. 


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