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Serto Clamp fittings


More information about Serto products? Please contact our Sales Engineers.

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CN: +86-(0)10-60576210
USA: +(1) 973 383 0691
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Teesing have been supplying Serto products successfully in diverse industries and applications for over 50 years. The unique radial mounting and dismounting possibility is highly valued by our customers, from simple tube connections to complex system solutions. If needed, our Sales Engineers give advise in choosing the right Serto products and material for your application, or create a custom solution together with our engineering department.

Serto product applications

Do you experience limited installation space? Do you have to perform maintenance periodically to your system? Or do you desire a reliable system with low total operation costs? Than Serto's unique radial (dis)mounting products offer you the right solution!
The serto products are widely used in demanding applications e.g., railway industry, coffee machines, water treatment plats or in plant constructions. Serto products have proven their reliability in daily use in millions of applications across the globe.

SERTO material configurator

Not sure which material to use in your application? Use our Serto Configurator to find out which material is suitable for your application based on of the following choices; tube material, diameter, medium, aggressiveness, envoriment and temperature. 

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Serto products

The Serto fittings are available in Stainless steel, PVDF, PA, brass, chemically nickel-played brass and steel. In addition to the fittings, a large variety of valves, tubes, hoses and installation tools are also available. The products withstands pressures of up to 250 bar (up to 400 bar for SOL), and are excellently suited for use in the vacuum sectore. The temperature range extends from -110°C to +300°C.

Serto PVDF information

PVDF fittings and valves

Serto PVDF products are suitable for a great number of industries, for example in the Food industry (FDA approved), (petro) chemical industry, watertreatment, semicon, HVDC and the medical industry.

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Serto Stainless Steel overview

stainless steel fittings

Stainless Steel fittings from Serto are compact in size, simple fast to install and are resistant to corrosion. There is an extensive range of pipe and tube connections available made from high quality stainless steel which makes them suitable for highly demanding applications, even in aggresive environments.

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Brass M Serto fittings


A wide range of brass M fittings is available in different types. Serto Brass M fittings are suitable for non-aggresive to slightly aggrasive air, gases, liquids and oils in a non-aggresive environment, e.g. in machine building (lubrication, cooling etc.).

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Brass G fittings


Teesing offert a wide range of Serto Brass G (Britisch Standard Pipe) fittings and valves in different types, for other materials please see our overview page. 

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