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Teesing is the official distributor of Serto fittings for over 60 years. Serto is an unparalleled Swiss brand that uses high performance, patented technology to supply and extensive range of fittings, valves and adapters in high quality 1.4571 stainless steel. Thanks to the elasticity of Serto's clamping ring system, the stainless steel fittings are highly resistant to vibrations, pressure shocks and temperature changes and are excellently suitable for repeatedly mounting and remounting.

Serto stainless steel Advantages

Stainless Steel fittings from Serto are compact in size, simple fast to install and are resistant to corrosion. There is an extensive range of pipe and tube connections available made from high quality stainless steel which makes them suitable for highly demanding applications, even in aggresive environments. The Stainless Steel fittings are almost always a wrench size smaller compared to other couplings which saves space and makes mounting more accessible.

Serto fittings make it possible to connect plastic tubing to stainless steel fittings with a internal support sleeve.


Stainless steel fittings downloads

For high and extreme requirements unions / valves / fittings:
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Radial mounting of stainless steel fittings

In applications with limited space or which need periodically maintenance, the stainless steel fittings from Serto offer the right solution! The unique radial mounting and dismounting ability provides ease in installation and maintenance. The tubing connections can be assembled radially without damaging the tube which translates into time saving during services and a reduced total cost of ownership.

On the right side you can see two video's about the radial mounting system of stainless steel fittings. Or download a manual below for more information about radial mounting of serto fittings.

Serto Stainless Steel - Pre assembling
Serto Stainless Steel - Technical information









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What our customers say about serto stainless steel:

 OMVE Customer story Serto Stainless steel and brass


"For more than 10 years we have used Serto compression fittings in brass and stainless steel 316 Ti. Because of the radial mounting and dismounting, we can work very accurately and quickly in our limited installation space."

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