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Teesing services overview

Teesing services

Custom services for a complete solution

Application and product advice


The extensive product and market expertise of Teesing’s Sales Engineers enables them to work together effectively with customers to find the perfect solution. The Sales Engineers not only advise on products but also on how to integrate them into the client’s existing machinery.

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Assembling and testing service


Teesing can combine a range of parts in an assembly for easy installation in the client’s product. Teesing has the materials, machinery and know-how to create assemblies for its customers that save time and money. Teesing has the facilities to test products after assembly.

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Cleanroom solutions


Teesing has had its own cleanroom for over 10 years, so it can deliver its products and assemblies clean and double-packed according to client-specific requirements. Teesing has the unique capacity to assemble its UHP fittings, hoses, valves, regulators and tubing in a class 100 cleanroom.

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Customer care


Teesing’s Customer Care department offers customers fast access to product information such as specifications and pricing. Customer Care takes orders and provides rapid responses to questions about availability and delivery times.

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Teesing international supplier


Since 1952 Teesing has been an international supplier of fittings, valves, tubing, systems and assemblies for industrial applications, submicron technology and alternative energy in pneumatics, hydraulics, instrumentation and the transport of media. With offices in Europe, the USA and Asia, Teesing can support you all over the world with a large variety of products.

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Teesing logistic services


Teesing has optimized its order and delivery process to ensure fast delivery with minimum errors. By using lean lifts connected to a computerized order-and-stock system, orders can be processed efficiently. Realtime stock levels are always available. 

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Teesing Systems and engineering


Teesing has its own engineering department which can develop parts and assemblies in consultation with its customers. Some customers require parts that are not available in the standard product range. In such cases, Teesing designs, develops and manufactures customized parts in small or large quantities on demand.

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On site machining services


Together with Destec, Teesing is able to provide a wide range of on-site machining solutions including flange facing, stud removal, seal seat machining, line-boring, milling, drilling and many more. Our range of portable machinery and experienced technicians enable us to provide a versatile, global, 24 hour service.

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