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Teesing assembly and test service

assembly & testing

time saving, safe and easy installation


Teesing can combine a range of parts in an assembly for easy installation in the customer’s product. Teesing has the materials, machinery and know-how to create assemblies for its customers which save time and money. Before starting production, Teesing’s engineers develop the assemblies in CAD to ensure the right specifications.


The wide range of products in stock allows Teesing to engineer and produce assemblies efficiently. The large stocks in the Teesing warehouse means that engineers can choose any quantity of products for the assembly production line. Products from different manufacturers can be combined to ensure the best solution.


Teesing has the facilities to test products after assembling. Besides technical inspections, products can be leak-tested over 20 bar using air or over 40 bar using demineralised water. High precision manometers allow accurate product testing and the detection of pressure drops over longer periods of time.

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Teesing assemblies
Teesing testing service