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clean and leanlifts

Teesing has had its own cleanroom for over 10 years, so it can deliver its products and assemblies clean and double-packed according to client-specific requirements. A number of leanlifts have been conditioned and are overpressured. Individual or assembled products or are stored here for our clients in the semiconductor and mechatronics industries. This system ensures that cross-contamination and the movement of particles are kept to a minimum. The products are stored in a safe and clean manner.

Supply integrity & Efficiency

Teesing uses an automated system in the product storage process, so stock level information is updated realtime. Products come to staff instead of staff having to walk to the items, which makes a considerable difference in terms of efficiency. Even though this system saves space and time during the logistics process, the risk of making any incorrect deliveries is significantly reduced.

Teesing cleanroom solutions

Together with its partners, Teesing can handle anything from a few samples for prototypes to complete assemblies for volume production. Cleanliness is tested using UV and laser technics. Extreme clean dry air (XCDA) with sub-ppb levels of contaminants is used and Teesing has bake-out capabilities. This ensures minimal particle counts and reduces TOC levels in order to deliver sub-systems or components ready for producing nanotechnologies.



Teesing in-house cleanroomCleaned and packed cleanroom product


Cleanroom customer case