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TEESING systems & engineering

Teesing has its own engineering department which can develop parts and assemblies in consultation with its customers. Some customers require parts that are not available in the standard product range. In such cases, Teesing designs, develops and manufactures customized parts in small or large quantities on demand.

Qualified engineers

The Teesing Systems & Engineering team consists of knowledgeable and trained engineers who can meet customer needs for solutions to complex mechanical engineering issues. Whether a customer requires the modification of an existing assembly or module or a brand new solution, Teesing can rely on 60 years of experience to ensure the best results today.

Connection to production facilities

Teesing can produce customized products on demand. Its worldwide network of suppliers and production facilities enables Teesing to have customized products manufactured in the right quantities at the right price for any specific application.

Latest engineering software

Visual and technical support is provided by the latest 3D engineering software. Teesing Systems & Engineering can exchange CAD files in multiple formats with its suppliers and customers to facilitate the assembly of multiple products. 2D drawings can also be provided for quality checks and inclusion in installation manuals.

“Efficient and cost-effective
customer-specific solutions”

Over the years Teesing has noticed a growing demand for custom solutions. However custom products and assemblies usually come at a high price.

Mark van Bronswijk, head of Teesing Systems & Engineering:
"Like many engineering companies, we have the skills and knowledge to engineer virtually any product or assembly for connectivity solutions. However, what makes Teesing Systems & Engineering unique is how combinations can be made between existing products as well as custom solutions to create the assembly in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We are not limited to a certain brand or product range. Apart from the large amount of products in stock, specifications and 3D files are ready for use. Our direct connections with the suppliers ensure the fast production of custom components.”


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