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VR phone

A virtual tour

In 2019, Teesing purchased and renovated the former building of the Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau. We moved in December 2019. A “new” building that is 4x as large in all areas and fully meets modern requirements. That is something we are proud of.

It illustrates how we have always adapted in our 70 years as a company. As a supplier of high-tech components, the electronics industry is a large market for us. If you just look at the rise of mobile telephony, it illustrates how much our market is developing. Our customers are increasingly demanding - with regard to cleanliness, for example. We have to meet that question and as a result we have got a much bigger cleanroom.

The new building is therefore not just a move to a new building: it shows that in the past we have been able to adapt and are ready for a new and exciting future, driven by technology.

Normally we would like to welcome you and show you around our building. However, due to the Covid-19 virus, we must ensure the health of everyone. That is why we have made a virtual tour, which you can view on your computer, phone, and VR headset. For the best experience, we recommend using a VR headset or phone. Take a look and let us show you around in our new building! 

English VERSIon:
English voice-over guide
Play time: ~6 minutes




Dutch version:
Real-life Dutch guide
Play time: ~15 minutes

Instructions on playing the video

  • Download the YouTube app
  • Open your browser and fill in the URL or QR code in the prefered language
  • Open the video in the YouTube app
  • Flip your phone horizontally
  • Tap on the screen and click on the righ bottom of the screen on the VR-headset icon
  • Place your phone in the VR-headset
  • Enjoy the tour!

Our tour in text

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