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Significantly improved capacity of UHP gas filters
Teesing has added to new UHP gas filters to its catalog. These gas filters by Mott filter to 0,0015 µm, which is a significant improvement in filtration technology. For the semicon industry, this is a step towards greater purity. In 2018 the Connecticut company Mott introduced two new UHP gas filters with this strongly improved filtration. The filters remove 50% smaller particles from gasses in relation to the previous generation of UHP gas filters. The new filters allow the semiconductor industry to improve its processes, thereby improving products. This is an advance that might be compared to a sudden leap forward from the i-Phone 8 to the i-Phone 16. A truly monumental improvement.  

Strong, durable materials
These gas filters have been made of sintered fiber metal. The method used to produce the filter element results in a strong matrix that optimizes pressure within a system. The pores of the filter matrix filter more effectively than, for example, those of sintered powder metal. In addition, this filter matrix is stronger and more durable than Teflon or ceramic. A key reason that this improvement is possible is that the measuring equipment to test filters has also significantly been upgraded in the past years.  

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