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Teesing sees opportunities in complete, custom made assemblies.

Rijswijk, 6 May 2014. The Teesing Group moves up in the chain. From supplier of high quality components evolving into a provider of complete custom solutions. To fulfil that role even better Teesing recently established a separate entity: Teesing Systems & Engineering. An experienced team of engineers who are fulltime developing specials and assemblies.

As International supplier of high quality connection solutions, Teesing sees a  trend towards more complex, more engineering oriented questions. An engineering Group headed by Mark van Bronswijk, who is employed for more than eight years at Teesing. "A big challenge", he says. "The idea is that we will not only be supporting our Dutch office but also our offices in Taiwan, the United States and China."

Right choices
The growing demand for customized solutions is mainly fueled by the trend in the OEM market to outsource activities that are not part of the core business. "We see an opportunity where we are jumping in“ says Van Bronswijk. “Such a process requires more from the supplier. It is not just a valve or pipe connection, but an assembly. Develop a customer specific solution, think and work together with our customers that is what we are good at."

In depth questions
Only deliver quality products has never been the procedure of Teesing. In depth questions - based on knowledge of the customer processes and the product application - to give the right advice, is standard procedure at the Sales Department. Van Bronswijk: "Especially with demanding clients we have a good reputation. Clean products? We can deliver at particle level ISO Class 5/6 . Products that can withstand extreme pressure or chemical media? We can provide this. "Delivered with all documentation, including installation instructions and required certificates. In fact being present at the (first) installation is becoming more common. And assemblies are, if the customer wants,  delivered plug and play, extorted, and even tested for leaks. "A puzzle piece in the machine that the customer is building. He only needs to put this in place and connect - we prepare everything. Therewith we have, I think, a fairly unique position in the market."

Teesing Profile 
Teesing is an international supplier of high quality connectivity solutions active in the following industries: (petro) chemical, food, water treatment, railway, life science, automotive / shipbuilding, semiconductor, solar cells, and alternative energy. Specialized knowledge of the products and markets enables the company to quickly respond to all questions relating to the transport of gases and fluids at the point of use. In addition to the head office in Rijswijk (forty employees), the company has offices in China (55 people), Taiwan and the U.S.


Note for the editor (not for publication)
For more information please contact Cynthia Roseboom, marketing and communications at Teesing BV, 070-413 07 22 or [email protected]


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